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Jericho Boatyard Site Acquired


In October, 2013 the company Strategic Iconic Assets Heritage Acquisition Fund (SIAHAF), acquired the Jericho Wharf site. This is the same company that is developing Grantham House in Jericho.  They are expected to complete early in the New Year. With this in mind they are paying for plans to be drawn up for the site by the architects Howarth Tompkins with the hope of putting in for planning permission as soon as possible.

The present owners plan to try and combine the building of a number of commercial and affordable houses on the site, along with making space available for a DIY-commercial boatyard and community centre to be run by JCBY and the JCA, respectively.
At present JCBY retains various fundamental questions about the plans for the site:

1)      How much affordable housing will there be?

2)      Will the present mooring spots on the southern end of the site be available for moorings once the site is developed? Will they be available to the boatyard for boats needing internal repairs?

3)     Where will we be able to position our ‘service wharf’ for boaters wishing only to pass by for coal, gas, or pumpouts?

The Jericho Wharf Trust (which includes two JCBY members) are engaging with a positive attitude, while reserving support until we see the final plans. We are in talks with the architects, Howarth Tompkins to discuss what would be acceptable on the site from a JWT  perspective. At present the architects’ plans appear to be in line with JCBY requirements for out-of-the-water repair spaces and workshop requirements but that does not mean we consider that we are in any way home and dry.

In addition to this, the city council have approved Supplementary Planning Document for the site (that both JCBY and JWT contributed to) and it is now going out for public consultation. It can be found on the Oxford City Council Website.

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